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Weekly Linkroll

Trying to get back in the swing of things here. Monday Morning Music is already written and scheduled. Now for my favorite links of the week. Well, of the last two weeks, since I skipped last week, and there’s at least one from last week that I want to share. Let’s start with that one, shall we? And what have you found on the internet that you want share? Let me know.

A Plea for Sanity this National (US) Grammar Day
March 4th was National Grammar Day here in the U.S. and harm·less drudg·ery shared her thoughts. Take away message? No matter how much grammar means to you, don’t be a rude asshat. That makes you the bad guy, not the folks who use apostrophes to create possessives. Seriously.

How to Be a Writer and Not Go Insane by Z. Egloff
Z. Egloff, over at Women and Words, shares her story of how she started writing and deals with the roller coaster that lives inside the brain of a writer. Speaking for myself, it can be scary in there.

Writing Thoughts: Dwelling on Process
But it’s worth taking a look under the hood. Here are Cat Rambo’s thoughts.

Note to SF/F Writers: Random House’s Hydra Imprint Has Appallingly Bad Contract Terms
John Scalzi tells Random House what they can do with their new business model. Writers beware!

Who Should Read Your Published Work?
Rachelle Gardner on the subject of good beta readers. Worth their weight in gold, as the cliché goes. I love mine.

The Good, Racist People
Ta-Nehisi Coates’ New York Times op-ed on how not all racism comes from people who are obviously evil and easy to see. Post-racist society, my hinder.

Wings to Set You Free: My Silent Legacy of Self-Harm
Stephanie at Visible and Real discusses a heavy subject in honor of National Self-Injury Awareness Day (March 1). If you self-injure, know you’re not alone.

pomDeter – Call Me a Hole
Quite possibly my favorite mashup ever. It’s just about perfect.

United (States) Parcel Service.

Your random pic for this day. United (States) Parcel Service. (Photo credit: matt.hintsa)


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Weekly Linkroll

Another Sunday. Looking out the window this morning as I was making coffee, I couldn’t help but notice that the hills are exploding with color. That’s a funny thing about Vermont, at least where I live. The autumn changes start quietly, a tree here, some leaves over there, but one day near the end of September all the leaves seem to go at once. Kapow! Fwoosh! Zingg! as Hobbes would say. It’s pretty cool.

Hobbes loving autumn

My latest story (another novella) is with my betas. One beta has already reported that she likes it, so that’s encouraging. Now to get my head back into 2082. I started rereading the novel to help with that. Although this latest story is a prequel to 2082, it’s much different in its focus. It actually is focused, for one thing. Maximum word counts will do that. 😉

This morning, though, it’s time to share the links I’ve found this week. Let’s begin. Continue reading

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