About M. Fenn

I’m a writer of speculative fiction and call Vermont my home. That speculative fiction has included alternate history, a space noir detective, and a dystopian future USA. There’s also an avenging angel who likes to suck the fluid out of people’s spines, thinking plants, monsters hiding in basements, and ghost writers, to name a few.

My first novella, “So The Taino Call It,” appears in Candlemark & Gleam’s alternate history anthology Substitution Cipher. My second begins Crossed Genres’ Winter Well. Oh, and a short story, “Chlorophyll Is Thicker Than Water” is part of Candlemark & Gleam’s To Shape the Dark. There is much more to come.

M. Fenn is a pen name, of course. I chose it for a couple reasons. If I’d been a boy, my mom would have named me Michael Fenn. I’ve always thought that name had a nice ring to it. Fenn is also my mom’s birth name. I use my dad’s every day, so why not change it up?

Why the M? Like a lot of writers, I know the history of our craft. It used to be nearly impossible for women to get their work published just because they were women, so they often submitted their writing to publishers with obviously male names or vaguely male initials. My use of M. Fenn is a shoutout to those pioneers and a reminder that the battle still goes on.

Yeah, I get a little preachy sometimes. But that’s not the point of this blog. I want to write about my writing and other things that interest me: books, movies, and music, to name a few. I hope that’ll interest you, too.

What else should go on this page? I have a day job, so I write at night and on the weekends. When I’m not writing or earning a paycheck, and the work around the house is done, my husband R (a furnituremaker and writer) and I hang out and watch movies, listen to music, or (in the summer) relax on the back deck listening to the Orioles (radio reception is pretty good up here—you’d be surprised) or the Red Sox. It’s a mellow life, and I think I’m pretty lucky.

Who knows where those stories I write down come from…

Want to contact me? My email address is mfennvt [at] yahoo [dot] com.

Or you can visit my Facebook page or talk to me on Twitter. I hope you will. Thanks for stopping by.


2 thoughts on “About M. Fenn

  1. Good luck with the novel! 😀

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