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Another Sunday. Looking out the window this morning as I was making coffee, I couldn’t help but notice that the hills are exploding with color. That’s a funny thing about Vermont, at least where I live. The autumn changes start quietly, a tree here, some leaves over there, but one day near the end of September all the leaves seem to go at once. Kapow! Fwoosh! Zingg! as Hobbes would say. It’s pretty cool.

Hobbes loving autumn

My latest story (another novella) is with my betas. One beta has already reported that she likes it, so that’s encouraging. Now to get my head back into 2082. I started rereading the novel to help with that. Although this latest story is a prequel to 2082, it’s much different in its focus. It actually is focused, for one thing. Maximum word counts will do that. 😉

This morning, though, it’s time to share the links I’ve found this week. Let’s begin.

M. Fenn at Goodreads
Some self-promotion to start with. I finally have an account at Goodreads, although I’m still quite content with LibraryThing. If you’re over there (either place), please stop by and say “hi.”

36 Hours in Baltimore
According to the New York Times. Baltimore’s signature swill? Now, I’m no Natty Boh fan, but that’s just New York being its usual snotty self.

36 Hours in Baltimore
A rebuttal of sorts from a Baltimore native.

Speaking of Baltimore, what about those Os, hon?
The Orioles are tied with the Yankees for first place in the AL East right now. They could clinch a wild card berth today. Dave Selig at the Baltimore Sun does the math.

Reddit Users Attempt to Shame Sikh Woman, Get Righteously Schooled
Somebody did something stupid on the Internet and then apologized? Woah!

Idiot Christian Sex Lecturer Uses Carrots and Donuts, Calls Lesbianism a ‘Pastry Party’
So many bad analogies, so little time.

World’s Oldest Message in a Bottle Found
A 98 year-old note thrown into the sea by a National Geographic scientist in 1914 has been found. Neat!

That’s it for this week? What interesting links have you found?

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  1. Thanks for the pingback!!! Natty Boh rocks, hon! 😉

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