Monday Afternoon Music

Sorry for the delay getting music to you this Monday. It’s been a busy one. Plus I couldn’t make up my mind which song I wanted to share today. I finally decided to go with something by Club d’Elf.

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9/11 Thoughts

This is a thing I wrote about 9/11 in 2011 over in the journal world in which I live. Seemed worth updating and posting over here. Continue reading

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Monday Morning Music

I reviewed Lydia Millet’s Pills and Starships last week. One of the things I liked about the book is that music is important to the protagonist Nat. Brain Eno, in particular, is one of her favorites. Continue reading

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Pills and Starships by Lydia Millet – A Review

Pills & Starships Pills and Starships
Lydia Millet
256 pages, Black Sheep (June 2014)
science fiction/young adult

I received a paperback copy of Lydia Millet’s Pills and Starships as a LibraryThing Early Reviewer. The cover caught my interest when it appeared on the list of giveaways and I was pleased that I won a copy. Continue reading

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Monday Morning Music – Happy Labor Day!

It’s another Labor Day here in the U.S. The workers actually had a bit of a victory in Massachusetts recently with the whole Market Basket thing. Nice to see working folks (employees and customers, in this case!) using their power to defeat corporate interests. We’ll see what comes of it. Having followed the case for a lot of the summer, and getting more of the local point of view than the business propaganda the national news presented, I’m somewhat hopeful. Continue reading

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Monday Morning Music

Apparently, all I’m in the mood to listen to today is Jay Farrar melt his notes together the way he does. Love his voice. Here’s an old one from Son Volt when they performed on Austin City Limits back in 1996. Check out “Catching On.”

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Accessing the Future Blog Hop

The Future Fire is crowdfunding another science fiction anthology! The theme this time concerns the issues that come with disability as well as how those intersect with other issues such as race, gender, sexuality, and class. Sounds pretty cool, huh? Well, to help spread the word, Future Fire has a blog hop going for writers and readers to talk about their work in progress or their current read and how power plays out therein. Future Fire general editor Djibril al-Ayad invited me to chime in and I quickly agreed. Continue reading

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Monday Morning Music – In Solidarity

I’ve been following the news coming out of Ferguson, Missouri, with a lot of interest, grief, and shame. I really don’t know how to put my words together on the subject, at least this morning. But Monday mornings aren’t about words, are they? They’re about music, and sometimes music is the only place my words can find themselves. Given that we seem to have gone back to the 1960s as far as race relations go, that’s where my ear worm decided to go, as well (and even further back in one case).

I’ve been tweeting and retweeting a lot about the topic, though. This popped into my head last week.

Which made me go look for Billie Holiday‘s classic, “Strange Fruit.” I was pleased to find this live recording of Lady Day singing the tune. So damned chilling. Until the cop who killed Mike Brown is arrested and charged with murder, I wonder how much has changed.

And let’s also remember the other three Black men killed by police just this month: Eric Garner in New York, John Crawford in Ohio, and Ezell Ford in California.

Next up, Curtis Mayfield and the Impressions from 1967 performing one of Mayfield’s many Black power/civil rights tunes, “We’re a Winner.” I love these guys and this song.

And to finish up, here’s another Mayfield tune, sung with amazing force by Sophia Ramos and the Black Rock Coalition Orchestra in 2010. “This Is My Country.” Damned straight.

Anyway, posting these videos seems so useless and beside the point. But the point, to me, this morning, is that this dumb white woman stands with the citizens of Ferguson, Missouri, and everywhere else that has to deal with this kind of militarized racist bullshit. I hope you like the music.

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Monday Morning Music

Happy Monday, everyone! I was emailing with a friend recently who’s struggling with some life stuff. She brought up a point another friend made that life is not a sprint, in most cases, it’s a marathon. So, that got today’s song stuck in my head. Continue reading

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Infinity Key by Chrysoula Tzavelas – A Review

Infinity Key
Chrysoula Tzavelas
272 pages, Candlemark & Gleam (November 2013)
contemporary/urban fantasy



Infinity Key cover

“She really didn’t want to be one of the giggling girls in the audience, watching passively as the world changed around them.”

Earlier this year, I read Chrysoula Tzavelas‘ debut novel, Matchbox Girls, enjoying it quite a bit. You can see my thoughts on that book here, if you like.

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