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No Excuses

Apparently, I’m bored with the Weekly Linkroll thing. Just seem to have lost my gumption where that’s concerned.

Of course, I have excuses I could use: all the gardening that’s been happening… when it’s not raining and raining and raining, which was getting old and depressing…

And then we had company last weekend! R’s sister and husband came up from MD to spend a few days. Lovely to hang out with them; it had been quite a while. We played tourist, taking them to Herman Melville‘s Pittsfield home, Arrowhead. I used to work there and hadn’t been back since I left 10 years ago. Fun to see it again. It’s a magic place. At least, I think so. Amazing words were written there.

We also took them to Hildene, the summer home of Robert Todd Lincoln, but the admission price had gone up slightly. $21 to tour the fancy house of another rich man whose only claim to fame was his DNA?

No, thanks.

So, we passed on that, and instead, we had an adventure! R noticed a sign for the Museum of the Creative Process on the way up, so, when we left Hildene, we backtracked in search of the place, got lost, but finally found it. It was… interesting. Kind of neat, very woo. Very northern California. A B&B (in another old fancy mansion) with a sculpture park is probably the most succinct way of describing it. It’s in a beautiful spot, too, on top of a hill looking out over the Batten Kill valley. The sculptures are pretty cool, for the most part, and a few are quite intense. I especially liked the Holocaust one (powerful, but I can’t find a link to that one) and the Bible one, which is made out of scrap metal and license plates and painted gold (the pamphlet we had also pointed out that one of the purposes of the sculpture was to point out the problem with male-dominated Abrahamic religions). There were lots more, too. And a temple of sorts with the place’s owner’s philosophy written all over the walls. Plus Wizard of Oz stuff. Like I said, interesting.

And that was part of our mini-vacation. Good times.

I’ve also been writing and editing. My latest short story is with R again and will hopefully go to my betas tomorrow or Monday. The novel? It progresses.

And reading! There’s been that, too. Almost finished with Lathe of Heaven. A review will be up soon.

All this to say that I don’t think Weekly Linkroll is going to be a weekly thing anymore. I’m still finding things I’d like to share; just having other things fighting for my attention. Practicing and learning goes with blogging, too.

English: Arrowhead (home of Herman Melville), ...

Herman Melville’s Arrowhead, Pittsfield. View from northeast, showing front facade and the north-facing piazza.  Here there be magic! (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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