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Monday Morning Music

Well, the second part of Women Learn To Be Women is still in process. Soon, my dear readers, soon, it’ll be up for your perusal. In the mean time I’m going with Ani again for Monday Morning Music. Her album Evolve came up in conversation this past weekend and this video of a live performance of “Phase” caught my ear and eye. DiFranco and Sickafoose are magic together. I hope you’ll like it, too.

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Anaïs Mitchell – Young Man In America

young man in america album coverI have to admit that when I learned that Anaïs Mitchell was releasing a new cd, the news made me a little nervous. Her last album, Hadestown, was my favorite album of 2010 and remains my favorite album of the last several years. Impeccably produced by Todd Sickafoose, it takes the Greek myth of Orpheus and Eurydice and updates it, bringing the story into a Depression-era (or is it the Great Recession?) company town where Hades is king and Orpheus sings to win his dead wife back to the living. He fails as always when doubt comes in. Hadestown invariably leaves me in a muddle of verklemptness (as Persephone and Eurydice raise their cup to the lost Orpheus) and awe as the last beautiful notes fade away.

Would Young Man In America be anywhere near as good as Hadestown? My own doubt wondered about this.

My doubt can be silly sometimes. Young Man In America is another wonderful record from Anaïs Mitchell. Continue reading

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