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Monday Morning Music

It’s the last Monday of 2012. And New Year’s Eve. Whaddaya know? It’s been a fun year for music, as they always are. I’ve really enjoyed having this blog so I can subject people to the tunes I like. (I’m a lazy recapper, sorry to say. Although if I have to pick favorites out of that group, I’d go with Bad Romance: Women’s Suffrage, State Radio: Calling All Crows, and Kristin Andreassen: Crayola Doesn’t Make A Color For Your Eyes.)

That said, today’s video is my new total favorite. As many of you know, I’m a huge Frank Turner fan. Seeing him at the Ottobar in  Baltimore in 2011 was glorious. If you ever get the chance to see him live, I highly recommend making that happen. He and his band the Sleeping Souls are electric. As a Xmas present to their fans, they just released a couple of new tracks from their upcoming album for folks to download for free.

And there’s a video. Turn it up and enjoy! And Happy New Year! I hope there are many opportunities for dancing in 2013 for all of us.

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