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Weekend Linkroll

It’s Sunday (regardless of my brain trying to convince me it was Saturday again), so it must be time to look at what I found interesting on the internet this week. What interested you? Feel free to share in the comments.

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Weekly Blogroll

It’s a lovely Sunday here in Vermont. Let’s see what links the past week has brought up.

the role of intuition in the art of creative badassery
Creativity, intuition, improvising, and Monty Python!

Buffalo Mama charts All the Things! Charts are definitely more fun to make than, you know, all that cleaning and stuff.

I Will Be Tense. I Am Tense. I Was Tense.
The Empty Pen ponders writing tense. What tense do you write your stories in? What do you think of using present tense? Includes link to Philip Pullman’s take on the subject.

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