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Things to Look Forward To

Given how half-assed I usually am about this blog, it impresses me that I actually have blog things planned. Scheduled even.

The usual stuff, you know, like Monday Morning Music. The big surprise there is I even have next week’s video picked. That just doesn’t happen. So, there’s that.

There are also book-related blog things in store. My Winter Well editor, Kay Holt, tagged me for the Next Big Thing blog hop. She also tagged the rest of the Winter Well authors, and we’re all going to take part, talking about our works in progress. The schedule is this:

I’m excited to read about what these talented women have in store for us. I hope you’ll join us!

And speaking of talented women, Susan Jane Bigelow is going to be posting here on May 28, release day for her new book The Daughter Star. She’s going to be talking about her writing/editing process and how The Daughter Star changed over the course of writing it. Should be pretty cool

I think that’s it for now. Women Learn To Be Women #3 is still in process, as are some reviews I need to post, but I’m not going to pretend they’re near ready. But they will be! Someday! Soon!

WordPress’s selections for photos were impressively random for this post. I won’t bother you with all the wrestling photos (yeah, I don’t know either), but this one made me smile.

A well

A well (Photo credit: Andreas Solberg) It’s also a little wistful, isn’t it? Poor little rusted can all alone.

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Monday Morning Music

Portrait of Elizabeth Cady Stanton with her so...

Portrait of Elizabeth Cady Stanton with her sons Daniel and Henry, 1848. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Good morning! I hope everyone had a good weekend. Today’s music video is a bit of a history lesson. November 12, among other things, is the day that Elizabeth Cady Stanton was born back in 1815. She is a foremother of mine, a founder of the First Wave of feminism in the U.S. Along with Lucretia Mott and Mott’s sister, Martha Coffin Wright, she organized the 1848 Seneca Falls convention, the first U.S. convention to discuss women’s rights and their role in society. This was the beginning of the long struggle to finally achieve women’s suffrage in 1920 and further women’s rights later on.

Stanton was a brilliant woman who worked with Susan B. Anthony and many other women and men (including Frederick Douglass) to change the country’s laws with regard to women’s rights. She was also more radical than many of her colleagues, demanding more than just the right to vote (she felt that divorce rights, employment rights, and property rights for women needed to be addressed, as well) and questioning Christianity and the inherent sexism she saw therein.

She wasn’t perfect. Her race and class affected her philosophy in ways that feel cringeworthy in our current age. But she remains one of my heroes, and I want to celebrate her birthday today. But what video would work best?

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