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Not Really Weekly Linkroll

So, last Sunday, I mentioned that the weekly link post wasn’t doing it for me anymore. However, I still find links that I must.share.with.everyone because that’s just how I am.

I decided that a more random approach might be worth a try. Random, in that there won’t be a set day during the week these posts will go up. And perhaps random in that I’ll post them whenever I have a certain number. I’m thinking right now that 5 is a good number. I like 5. (of course, that could change; hence random)

But what do you know? Today the number’s 5 and I already have that many.

Do I Look Like a Baby Killer?
Kat Richter talks about Planned Parenthood and what inspired her to become a clinic escort.

Being good can be a shortcut. There is no shortcut to being good.
Scott Lynch on the magical secret shortcut to becoming a successful writer.

69 reasons not to send a message to space
Rico Simpkins at Worlds Without End brings up some reasons the METI project might be a tad premature. As I said on Twitter the other day, it’s always good to lurk for a while before commenting.

Gender Policing of Girls in Children’s Sports
Tracy I at Fit, Feminist, and (almost) Fifty on gender policing. When I was a kid, I was a “tomboy” with short hair, so yeah, I know where she’s coming from.

Sometimes. Writing. Sometimes.
Yes, writing is like this. Amanda Ching knows the score.

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