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Monday Morning Music

Happy Monday morning to all of you! This morning’s videos are inspired by the concert R and I got to attend this past Saturday.

Saturday was a wonderful day all around, actually. We spent a good chunk of it in one of our favorite towns (Brattleboro) with two of our favorite people, Steph from Visible and Real and her partner, Sarah, who were visiting New England on official business. They were able to take time out of their busy weekend to meet up with us, and we had a great time. Awesome food and awesome conversation were had.

After we all parted, R and I headed to another of our favorite towns (Northampton) to window-shop, eat more delicious food (this time with tasty beer), and see one of our favorite bands at the Calvin Theatre: the Carolina Chocolate Drops.

(lots of favorites this weekend!)

Luckily for us, the opening band was also a group we were looking forward to see, and David Wax Museum did not disappoint. They played a wonderful, albeit too short, set. CCD followed with an even better one (although, also too short). (We could stayed there all night, to be honest.)

On to the videos. Yes, you get two today! The first is from David Wax Museum, a tune they did on Saturday called “Harder Before It Gets Easier” from their album Shutter and String.

For Carolina Chocolate Drops, I’m going with a song that didn’t make it into Saturday’s set. This is one of R’s favorites: “Cornbread and Butterbeans” from Genuine Negro Jig.


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Monday Morning Music

So, last Saturday was Night Out in Northampton day. There was the unmet desire to investigate open crypts, buttered tea, Tibetan dumplings, and meeting new, cool people (well, new to me; they’re not, like, new to the planet or anything [I think.]), and then it was time for church.1 Frank Turner & the Sleeping Souls at the Pearl Street Club! Fabulous show, even though the club’s sound sucked rocks. I mean, really, I can put up with how cold you keep the building and a crowd that just doesn’t get the idea of either personal space or how steps really work, but when I can’t hear the singer when the band is playing? You’re plucking my last nerve.

Still, it was awesome to see Turner again. I’m not sure how much longer he’ll be able to play these small venues, as he’s getting way popular here in the states, and justifiably so. He puts on a great show, and you should all go see him.

See, even I’m sabotaging the small venue option!

Anyway, part of the fun was hearing several songs from the new album that’s due out next month. They were all super, and there’s a video for one of them. I’m quite fond of it. What do you think?


1. Music is the only religion that delivers the goods. —Frank Zappa

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