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The Goatsucker – a Guest Post by Justin Robinson plus Free Books!

As promised, today I’m bringing you a guest post. Justin Robinson, author of the new novel, Mr. Blank, has written a little something based on my personal request for something spooky. The topic is chupacabras, also known as goatsuckers. Those critters creep me out either way. Continue reading

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Items of Note

1. Substitution Cypher, the alternate history anthology I’m a part of, received a super review from Publisher’s Weekly. The book’s coming out in December 18! I’ll have more info as that date approaches. You’re going to want to read all the stories.

2. In keeping with the Hallowe’en theme this month, there’ll be a guest post this coming Friday. Justin Robinson, the author of the just-published Mr. Blank, will be telling us the truth about chupacabras.

Or will he? I hope you’ll tune in to find out. Conspiracy theories, ahoy!

3. My latest story, more alternate future than alternate history this time, is in my beta’s hands. Again! Will they find it submissible? Will I make it so in time for the deadline (which is Hallowe’en)? Now that’s scary business.

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Monday Morning Music

Hallowe’en’s getting closer! I hope you’re getting in the mood. In addition to our Monday spooky videos, you’ll have a treat this Friday when  Justin Robinson stops by with a guest post. His book, Mr. Blank, is coming out this month and I’m taking part in the blog tour Candlemark & Gleam is organizing for him. I hope you’ll check in for his thoughts on this delightful holiday.

Now on to this week’s spooky video. Today I’m going with a song by the Mumlers from their 2009 album, Don’t Throw Me Away. It’s a fine record, with “Coffin Factory” my favorite song on it. The video’s a nice bit of Hallowe’en fun, too, manipulated to look like they filmed it in that old Super 8 style I remember from film school. (Yes, basic filmmaking class when I was in school involved Super 8 cameras; time has flown.) I also remember getting into that grey zombie makeup. Good times and a good song. I hope you like it, too.

An added bit of curiosity: when looking for Mumlers websites, I ran across the Wikipedia entry for William H. Mumler, a U.S. “spirit photographer.” I wonder if that’s where the band took its name. Anyone know?

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