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Weekend Linkroll

Another Sunday has rolled around. The last not-frigid day for a while. We’ll be reaching highs of 5 degrees by Wednesday up here. Yes, climate change is to blame. Joy.

So, while I can still feel my fingers, I have links to share.

Food and Wine Thursdays: Wine Aromas
I’ve mentioned my dislike of gatekeepers, right? The Satellite Show has the same opinion when it comes to wine.

The Mystery of the Third Step
Ellis Nelson ponders George Mallory’s attempt to climb Mt. Everest. Did he get there before Sir Edmund Hillary and Tenzin Norgay? Maybe!

Six Words Can’t Possible Contain Her
An interesting exercise from A Thousand Shades of Gray. “What is next? Anything is possible.”

$150k Goal: Interview with Amber Benson: Authorship, Indie Film, and Erotica
Patrick Rothfuss interviews Amber Benson. Fun things happen.

The Morgenthaler Decision
Twenty-five years of real legal abortion in Canada, and the sky didn’t fall! Interesting website. Especially the page discussing the benefits of decriminalizing abortion and the harm anti-abortion laws can cause. Happy anniversary, Dr. Morgentaler!

New report shows how the principle of “personhood” is already criminalizing pregnancy in the US
However, here in the U.S., we’re still missing the boat and women are being treated as criminals for it. Thanks to Feministing for the link.

But let’s finish this week on a positive note…

In Which I, John Scalzi, Sing a Lost Bob Dylan Song For Jay Lake
Scalzi does a surprisingly good Bob Dylan, and this “lost” Dylan song is classic.

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Weekend Linkroll

So, the Ravens won last night, in stunning fashion, which kind of made my weekend. The Winter of the Novel has taken a short break so I can work on edits for “To The Edges”: another good thing. My fickle nature reared its head yesterday; the blog got another makeover. We’ll see how long this one sticks.

Plus, I’m reading Christine again, which always makes me happy. In that creepy-King-rocks-fall-everybody-dies way of happy.

And I have several links to share. Here’s hoping you find something interesting in them.

Food & Wine Thursdays: Because You Need The Reminder – Sulfites Revisited!
A PSA from The Satellite Show on sulfites in wine. Good stuff to know.

Ellis Nelson talks about Chris Carter’s (no, not that Chris Carter) book Science and Psychic Phenomena. I’ve read similar stuff in the past and find the behind-the-scenes battles between real skeptics and debunkers to be almost as fascinating as the topics they’re fighting over. Oh, and I love the Max Planck quote.

Perception, Imagination, and Experience: “Stairway to Heaven” and Melodies Unheard
I wasn’t the only one thinking about Led Zeppelin this week. But Natania Barron took her thoughts in a really cool, meta direction.

Thorin Dreamboatshield: An Unexpected Hotness of Dwarves
Fun parody script of The Hobbit by Sarah Rees Brennan.

Your Friday Reading: Subterranean Magazine
Mr. Scalzi hips us to Subterranean‘s giveaway goodies. Pick up the fall and winter issues for free!

When truth is replaced by silence, the silence is a lie.
Lucy’s Football has a little something to say about the latest teenager who’s being censored by her school. Because stopping students from writing down their private thoughts will end school shootings. *sigh*

Ladies, Can We All Just Stop Being Bitches for TWO SECONDS?
Snobbery on body-shaming. Women do it, too, and it sucks.

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Weekly Linkroll

Happy December! We finally have a little snow on the ground here in Vermont, although it’s going away quickly. Supposed to get into the 40s today for the first time in a while. I have mixed feelings about that. Being warm is nice (it’s been freaking cold up here this past week), but snow is pretty.

Oh well. Let’s take a look at something I actually have control over. This week’s link recommendations! Continue reading

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Weekend Linkroll

Another Sunday has arrived, with an extra hour thrown in just for fun. I have no more excuses for blowing off my weekly collection of links (the cat’s still dead, story’s submitted, and day-job deadlines have been met), so let’s see what the Internet held this past week.

And just as an administrative note: I don’t engage with trolls; I delete them with no small amount of glee. If you’re going to comment with random insults in response to a contest that ended several days ago, in the trash you go. Buh-bye.

On to this week’s links… Continue reading

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Weekly Linkroll

The blog’s been quite quiet this week, hasn’t it? Sorry about that. Life has been busy around here. The new short story (working title: Zed’s Story) is coming along. I’m hoping to have it to my alpha reader this weekend. I’ve been reading a lot, too, reviews of which I’ll be posting here eventually. There’s a post brewing about that.

But today is Sunday, and that means links for you. I’m renaming this weekly feature. Not all the links I post come from blogs, so calling it a blogroll isn’t very accurate. Weekly Linkroll it is. Unless I think of something else.

So, what has the past week brought us?

Wind map
A personal art project using surface wind data across the U.S. Fascinating and beautiful.

CHARLES A. LINDBERGH- Mystical Experience
Ellis Nelson ponders Lindbergh’s experience of altered consciousness during his flight across the Atlantic Ocean in the Spirit of St. Louis.

Monty Python’s “Galaxy Song”
Science! And Eric Idle! Gratitude every day posted this earlier this week, sharing gratitude for Monty Python. I concur.

Don’t believe everything you’re told: Or, lessons from the pig cage
Visible and Real discovers that guinea pigs don’t always do what you think they will. “She didn’t know she wasn’t supposed to be able to do this. She just did it.” Something for us humans to consider.

Father of the Year Helps Dress-Wearing Son Feel Comfortable By Putting on a Skirt Himself
The coolest dad ever? I think so.

The Buffy Effect
A study seems to show that strong women in TV shows, like, say, Buffy, may be more important than plot content (including sex, violence, and even sexual violence) when it comes to shaping viewer attitudes to women. Um, duh? Still, nice to see data making the case.

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Weekly Blogroll

I’m thinking a weekly roundup of sharable blog posts–posts I’ve read over the last week that might be of interest to folks–would be a fun thing to do. And yes, I’ll admit I’m stealing the idea from Visible and Real. Although, really, I bet she stole it from someone else first. You know how those blogger-types are. 😉

So what did I find this week? Continue reading

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