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Monday Morning Music

It’s the last Monday of March. That means it’s the last Monday of Women’s History Month.

I wanted to post videos from a woman I don’t listen to that often any more, but who I still admire tremendously. Joni Mitchell.

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A Mnemonic Collection

Stuff I wrote in high school (even as far back as junior high) and college that has survived 27 years or more of moving around the U.S. lives in a pine chest that R built when he was getting started as a professional woodworker (circa 1991). The chest sits in our bedroom closet, crammed full of things I’ve never wanted to throw away. So many things, in fact, that what started out to be a post about my early writing has turned into more of a memory inventory (translated: one of the reasons 2 people need as big a house as we do; pack rats r us). Continue reading

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