Workout corsets! For real…

And more bad celebrity health advice. Corsets are a thing now? Oh dear. Thanks to Fitness Is a Feminist Issue for writing about this. I want to read Caulfield’s book now, too.


I’m looking forward to reading Timothy Caulfield’s new book Is Gwyneth Paltrow Wrong about Everything?

In it Caulfield debunks the health and fitness trends perpetuated by celebrities, everything from juice cleanses to to gluten-free diets.

Sometimes it seems as if celebrity diet and fitness advice ought to have a giant negation sign put in front of it. If Gwyneth Paltrow says to do something, that’s almost a reason not to do that very thing. Think of the Costanza maneuver, doing the opposite.

What’s the latest version? I know, vaginal steaming. But I’m not going there. How about exercise corsets? Apparently Kim Kardashian recommends them. I don’t know if Caulfield’s book covers the claims made on behalf of exercise corsets but here’s James Fell’s assessment, Kim Kardashian: Queen of Celebrity Weight Loss Dumbassery

What in the holy mother of crap?

Here is part of the marketing pitch from the…

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