The Creature Chronicles by Tom Weaver, David Schecter & Steve Kronenberg – A Review

The Creature Chronicles: Exploring the Black Lagoon Trilogy
Tom Weaver, David Schecter, Steve Kronenberg
McFarland & Company (November 2014)
nonfiction (5/5)

Hi, everyone! My brain decided that the first weeks of January was blog vacation time, it would seem. Fair enough. It’s a good time of year to reset. Not sure what I’ve reset to, but I guess time will tell.

Let’s ease back into things with a little book review, and a gushing one, to boot.

As you might know, I’m a huge fan of B movies from the 1950s. Most of them are goofy and haven’t aged well, which makes them even more fun to watch. The Creature from the Black Lagoon is one of those. Everything you might want to know about this film and its two sequels (Revenge of the Creature and The Creature Walks Among Us) is included in Tom Weaver’s (along with David Schecter and Steve Kronenberg) The Creature Chronicles: Exploring the Black Lagoon Trilogy. This is a gorgeous, coffee table book full of photographs and insight into the three Creature movies and the people who made them. The second part of the book also takes a closer look into the films’ legacy (remakes, spoofs, remembrances, etc.).

The Creature Chronicles is a fun read you can get sucked into for hours. I was thrilled to receive this as a LibraryThing Early Reviewer.

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2 thoughts on “The Creature Chronicles by Tom Weaver, David Schecter & Steve Kronenberg – A Review

  1. This looks great! I’ve seen Creature a few times (including in 3D on 35mm!), and am, of course, familiar with Return from MST3K – it’s one of my favorites. But I’ve not seen the third.

    I love books like this. There’s really no audience for them, but they publish them anyway and they’re always enjoyable. I’ve got a few Godzilla related ones that are just beautiful.

    My only complaint is that it was released by McFarland. They put out a slew of great books, but price them far out of my reach. They do this with almost every title they release – even stuff that would appeal to a wide audience. It’s a shame.

    • Oh cool! I haven’t seen Creature in 3D. And I’m in the same boat as you–know and love Revenge from MST3K, haven’t seen the 3rd one.

      I bet your Godzilla books are beautiful if they’re anything like this. But yeah, with what looks like a list price of $75, I wouldn’t be buying any. So glad I got this one for free!

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