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Ah, what a busy day it’s been so far. And there was an awesome, fun, busy weekend just past, as well. I went to Boston to visit a friend, play Ingress, and see some live music, among many other things. It was a blast.

My friend and I were hacking portals downtown when we arrived near the government center. I discovered, then, that said friend, wonderful as she is, didn’t know who Jonathan Richman was.

This can’t stand, I thought. He’s one of my favorite proto-punk/goofy musicians. And he’s from Boston! Everyone should know who he is.

So, instead of posting a video of the band we saw at the Sinclair Saturday night (who were fantastic, by the way–you’ll get them next week), today’s post is going be all JoJo, just cuz.

Let’s start out with the song that popped into my head this past chilly Saturday, because we were standing RIGHT THERE! Here’s “Government Center.”

Next up, what might be my favorite Richman song, “Pablo Picasso.” I first heard a cover of it in the Repo Man soundtrack.

And finally, the song that a lot of people think should be Massachusetts’ official rock song. “Roadrunner!”

So many other good songs, though. Hard to pick just three.

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English: Jonathan Richman Live in Tokyo Category:Jonathan Richman Category:Tokyo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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