Monday Morning Music – Happy Labor Day!

It’s another Labor Day here in the U.S. The workers actually had a bit of a victory in Massachusetts recently with the whole Market Basket thing. Nice to see working folks (employees and customers, in this case!) using their power to defeat corporate interests. We’ll see what comes of it. Having followed the case for a lot of the summer, and getting more of the local point of view than the business propaganda the national news presented, I’m somewhat hopeful.

I’ve also been curious about the Jimmy John’s strikes and labor organizing that are going on. That hasn’t been in the news much, but something’s boiling just under the surface, like with so much in this country. Can I hope that the power of unions are coming back? Yeah, I know. Don’t push it, huh? Fingers crossed, though.

Let’s go with an old labor favorite of mine today sung by one of my heroes. U. Utah (Bruce) Phillips was an anarchist, folk singer, a bum, and a lifelong IWW member (among many other things). He traveled around the U.S. teaching, singing, and learning, until a heart condition got the better of him in 2008. He is sorely missed. Here he is with an old Wobbly tune, “Dump the Bosses Off Your Back.” Happy Labor Day, everyone!

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