Monday Morning Music

Sorry for the delay this morning. It was a busy weekend with company visiting and then today… well, it’s been Monday. Ah well.

So, today’s video. I’ve been listening to some version of “Route 66” since, well… forever. I don’t remember not knowing it. However, I hadn’t heard this version by Depeche Mode until listening to the latest offering from the music exchange club Alpha Reader and I belong to. Now I’m kind of jonesing for a drive through the desert. Hey, we just got the air conditioning in the Jeep fixed. Why not?

I decided to post two videos of the song today. The first is the original video from Depeche Mode themselves.

The second is a more recent interpretation created by a group called Shadows for the Masses. In particular, this video was produced by Jakub Górajek, and written by Sylwia Górajek, who also starred in it.

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