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It’s been a couple of frustrating writing months since I last posted an update on such things. Going through a patch where writing is more of a struggle than a joy right now. Which I know happens, but it’s still frustrating. For example, that story about sentient plant life w/an older woman protagonist I was working on in April went nowhere. And I’m in the midst of rewriting “Piper Deez and the Case of the Clanless Woman.”

Yes, Piper got rejected again. This time, though, I got some good feedback on what was wrong with it. And I think I’m making it better. But I’m at that point in things where I really don’t know anymore. You know that feeling?

Editing on the novel continues at a glacial pace. Ran into a serious stereotypical trope I need to figure out what I want to do with. Get rid of it? Try to turn it around? Not sure yet.

In good news, though, I resubmitted “Meanwhile Inc.” and “Mind Over Murder.” With “… But Names Will Never Harm Me” and ““Buccinum Anningiae,” that’s four stories still out for submission.

Okay, the waiting isn’t awesome, but it still feels good to have four stories outside of my head.

Yep, sometimes the life of a writer is filled with drudgery and boredom. Can’t be book birthdays and story acceptances every day, I guess.

Species: Piper grandifolium Family: Piperaceae...

A random piper plant: Piper grandifolium Family: Piperaceae Image No. 1 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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