Monday Morning Music – Cinco de Mayo Edition

Okay, so here in the U.S. a lot of folks like to celebrate Cinco de Mayo. Kind of like St. Patrick’s Day, the holiday isn’t quite as big a partying deal in Mexico as it is here, but USians do love excuses to drink, so there you go. I like having excuses to play fun videos, so yay! Here are two for you this morning.

First up, here’s a goofy number from El Conjunto Nueva Ola. Much fun! It’s the title track from their 2012 debut album Chido Chido. I found them on NPR’s Alt Latino Cinco de Mayo playlist, where there are a bunch of other cool tracks for today.

And secondly, here’s a band from Mexico I adore, Los de Abajo, with a live performance of “War 4 Peace/Fuga.”

Happy May 5, everyone!

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