Monday Morning Music

Another Monday! Let’s see if I can get a video posted today.

I’ve been listening to a lot of Los Lobos in the car lately, so they’re my pick for this week. They’ve been a favorite of mine ever since Will The Wolf Survive came out in 1984. They’re a great band to see live, if you ever get the chance.

First up, a recent video. Los Lobos played a Chicago Cubs opening day thing earlier this month, and here they are with one of my favorite jams from their 1996 album Colossal Head, “Mas Y Mas.”

And now an older tune, with bonus Hitchcock: “Shakin’ Shakin’ Shakes” from 1987. I love the little girl who can’t stop grinning. I’ve been that zombie.

Description unavailable

One colossal head. Yep. (I’m guessing the Olmec colossal heads are one interpretation of the album title. No idea about the robot, though.) (Photo credit: artolog)

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