Monday Morning Music-St. Patrick’s Day Edition

Happy St. Patrick’s Day, everyone! If you’re into that. I’m not really, but it seemed like a good excuse for music videos today. 🙂

I’m also continuing the Women’s History Month celebration so that means… Irish women!

Yeah, so I Googled Irish women musicians and was disappointed to see that most of the hits were Irish women singers. Which–fine–there are many of those. But I really did want MUSICIANS, not just singers. I finally found some, thanks to this website.

Starting off in a traditional vein, here’s a short track from traditional instrumentalists Sharon Shannon, Maire Breatnach, Mary Custy, and Siobhan Peoples.

Next up, a newer rock band, Black Daisy. They got together in 2004 and performed in the 2009 Eurovision contest. They didn’t win. But I like their song “Disturbing New Fashion.” I can’t seem to find anything about them since.

A band with a little more staying power is Screaming Orphans. This group of four sisters has been together since the 1990s (as a band–as sisters, they’ve probably been together much longer). They do a combination of traditional Irish tunes and their own pop songs. Here’s one of the latter, “So Cold.”

And to finish up, let’s indeed go with an Irish vocalist. My favorite, in fact. I’ve liked her since she first came on the scenes back in the ’80s. She’s definitely been an interesting character to watch. And what a voice!

Here’s Sinead O’Connor with the song “4th and Vine” from her 2012 album How About I Be Me (And You Be You)?

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