Monday Morning Music – Shirley Temple Black RIP

Shirley Temple died last week. A lot’s been said of her since and it’s been fun, in a bittersweet way, remembering how many of her movies I saw as a kid. No, I’m not old enough to have seen her films when they first came out. But my mom was. One of the tv stations back in Omaha used to show old movies every Sunday afternoon. For a while, they were running a different Shirley Temple film every week; my mom and I would hang out and watch them together. Cynical as I’ve become, Shirley Temple still makes me grin.

The B-movie geek that I am also finds it fascinating that her first husband was John Agar. They even performed in two films together before divorcing.

With all the remembrances going around, everyone seemed to pick “On the Good Ship Lollipop” as the song to play. My favorite’s a different one. Here’s “Animal Crackers in My Soup” from 1935’s Curly Top. That’s Rochelle Hudson as Shirley’s sister, playing the piano and protecting her from the cranky Etienne Girardot (playing one of the orphanage’s trustees).

Bon voyage, Ms. Black. You created many good memories for me. Thank you.

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