Monday Morning Music

Well, my apologies for not posting a video for you last week. Not sure why it didn’t happen. But I’m back today! And just in time for Xmas.

I’m not a fan of most Xmas songs, I must say. The ones I like, I’ve heard so many times, I don’t really need to anymore. And the songs I don’t like… Well, there are a lot more of them.

That said, Bad Religion‘s latest interview on NPR has me kind of psyched to get their new album. I love Bad Religion, you see. And they’ve put out a Xmas album. Yes, indeedy! From what snippets that were played during the interview, it sounds like a serious hoot.

Perhaps even a hootenanny.

Since I missed last week, I have two videos for you today. First up, Bad Religion’s performance of “O Come O Come Emmanuel.”

And, huh, I was going to post the video they put together for their version of “Hark! The Herald Angels Sing,” but it’s been taken down. It was a fun speeded up video of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir with BR’s version on top. I guess the MTC didn’t approve.

Instead, how about a little Erin McKeown? She came out with a fun anti-Xmas album a few years ago, partially in response to the absurd “War on Xmas” crap that’s still going on. Here’s “Christmas (Love It Or Leave It)” from McKeown’s Anti-Holiday Spectacular.

Happy Holidays to everyone, whatever you celebrate!

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