The State of Things

We’re supposed to get 3-5 inches of snow tonight. I’m not excited about this.

Yeah, I know. I live in Vermont and it’s December. Just not in the mood.

Writing’s going well, though.

  • Submitted a story last week. Fingers crossed on that one.
  • Revised “Mind Over Murder” and the editor’s pleased. Apparently she’ll have news on the anthology in a couple weeks. Hopefully, it’ll be stuff I can share with you.
  • Getting ready to submit another story that I’ve been rewriting. I have a spreadsheet of possible places to submit to. Alpha Reader thinks I should use the dartboard method. Seems as good as any right now.
  • Speaking of Alpha Reader, he has all the scenes I’ve written for The Travelers since August (41,000 words worth). While he’s reading those, I’m going back and outlining the thing. Um, yes, after the fact. Better late than never? It’s already proving useful as I’m finding scenes that aren’t necessary and others that need fleshing out.

Oh, and I have a movie to recommend to you. The Rabbi’s Cat! This is a film adaptation of Joann Sfar’s graphic novels The Rabbi’s Cat and The Rabbi’s Cat 2. Really delightful. The artwork and animation are great. The story and the characters are super fun, it has a good message, and the star of the show has me wanting a talking cat in a bad way.


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2 thoughts on “The State of Things

  1. I hear you on the snow. I’m not into it either. I’ve been peering out the window (at this ungodly hour) trying to figure out if it snowed or not.

    Yay on the writing going well. That is super cool. Always a welcome thing.

    And thanks for the movie recommendation. (I talk to cats, the problem is, they rarely talk back.)

    • Looks like we didn’t get as much as they predicted–maybe an inch. But there was sleet last night, too. Bet it’s slippery out there.

      Thanks! And yeah, getting the cats to talk back is the tricky part. 🙂

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