Monday Morning Music

Went to see Frank Turner at the Calvin Theatre in Northampton last night. Lots of fun, as usual! My only complaint is the same as when I went to see him at the Pearl Street Club in March. The sound mix royally sucked. What is it with IHEG shows? If a dive bar in Baltimore can get the sound mix right, you’d think the fancy-assed Calvin Theatre and Pearl Street could do as well.

Yeah, you’d be wrong.

Still, it was a super show; Frank gave his all (with two slipped discs in his back!). In honor of last night, here’s my favorite song from Frank’s latest album, “Plain Sailing Weather.” Hope you like it.

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4 thoughts on “Monday Morning Music

  1. This is a goal of mine, once things settle a bit, to go see more live music. I’ll be prepared for the Calvin.

  2. karengadient

    Love the song. I agree, live music is amazing.

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