Update from the Endoscopy Suite

Well, not really. I’m back at work. But I figured since I told everyone yesterday about my upcoming colonoscopy, it only seemed fair to give you an update on how things went.

They went fine. The doctor found two very small polyps that he removed. Everything else looked great. Especially hopeful: the site of the precancerous polyp that he tattooed last time to keep track of showed no sign of growing anything new.

While the prep for the colonoscopy is never fun (unless you enjoy drinking 96 oz of Gatorade while sitting on the toilet), the procedure itself is kind of cool. If you’re awake enough you can watch the video that the doctor’s camera shows and see what s/he sees and does. I only closed my eyes at one point when what looked like a giant alligator clip snipped off the larger polyp (5mm). That was kind of freaky. The assistant showed me the instrument afterward and it was amusingly tiny.

Once everything was done, I was taken back to the waiting area where I slept off the drugs, ate some graham crackers, and waited for Alpha Reader to pick me up. Spent the rest of the day lounging around surfing, working on the new story, and watching a bad Philippine vampire movie. Minor side effects: some bloating and gas. (No guarantees the film wasn’t responsible for that)

This morning, everything’s back to normal. The doctor will call with the polyp biopsy results but he didn’t seem concerned by them at all and my next colonoscopy won’t happen for five more years, instead of three.

So, now you know the rest of the story!

Moon Jelly Polyp, Strobilating Polyp and Ephyrae

Moon Jelly Polyp, Strobilating Polyp and Ephyrae (Photo credit: jillmotts) My polyps didn’t look like these.


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2 thoughts on “Update from the Endoscopy Suite

  1. emuse

    I’ve seen them done. Makes for interesting TV.

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