Monday Morning Music

Spent part of the weekend working on a mix cd for a friend’s wedding coming up soon. This song isn’t on it, but I probably ought to buy it so it can be, huh? Here’s Melissa Ferrick with “Home” (new this year!).

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7 thoughts on “Monday Morning Music

  1. paperkingdoms

    Ooh…. this is great.

  2. emuse

    Definitely! (I saw her play in Phoenix the summer of 2001. She puts on a great show.)

    • She does. I saw her open for Ani a couple years ago and they encored together with “32 Flavors.” Awesome!

      • emuse

        Jealous. That had to be great.

        • Yeah. The whole show was pretty amazing. But I’m jealous you got to see a whole show of just Ferrick. Her opening set was way too short.

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    This is one of the reasons I’m smiling today.

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