Monday Morning Music

So, this morning’s video came by a twisty-turny sort of path. To start with, I was listening to a lot of Roy Rogers during my commute last week.


No, not him.

I mean this guy:


He plays so fast he warps time and space. No, really.

That Roy Rogers is one of my favorite slide guitarists. I love some good slide guitar.

Browsing through Youtube, though, none of his videos were really grabbing me. But, you know how Youtube always tries to be helpful and recommends other videos you might like? Well, it reminded me that Ry Cooder is another slide guitarist I dearly love. (his politics don’t hurt, either. 😉

All of Cooder’s videos were awfully old, though. And kind of crappy in quality.

However, I saw that he’d done some music with John Hiatt, Nick Lowe, and Jim Keltner back in the ’90s. And, what do you know, that band (Little Village) performed on The Tonight Show in 1992, and this video made me smile. Really hard to pass up, thanks to John Hiatt’s coat and general scenery-chewing performance, along with the really fun song. Here’s Little Village with their tune “She Runs Hot.” I hope you like it, too.

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