Monday Morning Music

Morning, everyone! I don’t seem to be able to get the Weekly Linkroll up on Sundays, but Monday Morning Music is never a problem. Gee, lying on the couch, watching music videos for hours? I can do that.

Today’s video came about thanks to the music exchange group R & I belong to. One of the songs on this month’s set was Joan Osborne‘s “Help Me,” from her debut album Relish. Relish is one of my favorite albums of the ’90s. It’s one of those perfect collections of songs that happens occasionally: great songs, singer with an amazing voice, a great band, and super production. It fires on cylinders, to use a cliché.

So, Ms. Osborne’s the one I’m in the mood to share with you this morning. What song to pick? There are several videos from Relish, but that seems like so long ago. 18 years, so yeah, it has been a while.

But then I found this video, which works on a few levels. First, it’s Joan, so that’s taken care of. Second, it’s a song from my adolescence that, for some reason, I love to pieces. And third, it’s filmed in Sausalito, one of my favorite California towns. I’ve been missing California lately, so this was fun, on that account.

Please enjoy Joan Osborne performing “Brick House.” No, really.

The homeless guy, if you don’t recognize him, if Bob Weir. Osborne performed with the Dead the same year this video was made (2003).

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