Wait, it’s Monday? What?

Apparently I’m still recovering from the weekend. No links, no music. And how did it get to be almost four?!

Welcome to March, I guess…

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2 thoughts on “Wait, it’s Monday? What?

  1. karengadient

    Random reply! And, seriously, I will owe you coffee. I’ve been mistaken for a lad before and it always gives me the growls.

    Indeed we do have a lot in common. Plus most of my close friends are Cancers (except Natania, who is a Gemini like myself).

    I could comment on almost all of your randoms. Which means there’s really too much in common there.


    I’ll update my offer to owing you a coffee and a Firefly marathon. On the moon. And I’ll bring the LSD. I’ll have to rig up my Buick (whose name is Shadowfax) with rockets. IT CAN BE DONE.

    • Ha! I was more amused than growly, but coffee sounds good. Especially on the moon. With LSD and Firefly. Sounds like an awesome trip. 😀

      And talk about random, you were a topic of conversation when K and I went to see Frank Turner Saturday night. Your artwork came up. Beautiful stuff!

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