Monday Morning Music

By the skin of my teeth, it’s still morning. Our video today: Laura Viers’ “Wide-Eyed, Legless.” I couldn’t help but mutter “They’re coming for you, Barbara,” as she runs away at the end.

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2 thoughts on “Monday Morning Music

  1. Chimney Sweeping Man is my favourite by her… but, to be honest, Carbon Glacier is the only album I know of hers. (After checking out her discography, I remembered how I know her – through the ex. Lots of good music through him. It also explains why I don’t think of it often, as I never had a copy of her album.)

    • This song popped up on a music exchange cd we got last month. I have Carbon Glacier but haven’t listened to it in a long while. Chimney Sweeping Man is a good one.

      And, yeah, that all makes sense. 🙂

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