Weekly Linkroll (Monday Edition)

Okay ! As promised! Links to click upon and be amused, enlightened, and/or pissed off. Who knows what other emotions might take place? Only one way to find out. What have been your favorite places on the web, lately?

Confessions of a Former Misogynist
Ben, guestposting over at Purely a figment of your imagination, discusses how he turned from the dark side.

Neil Gaiman on “political correctness”
What a great way to look at this topic.

Superman contract for anti-gay author causes growing anger
Like DC comics, for interest. Like a lot of the commenters on this Guardian post about DC hiring Orson Scott Card to write the next Superman series, I really don’t think someone should be fired for what they believe, as long as those beliefs don’t directly hurt anyone. However, as I commented over on Facebook, I would argue that DC could have made a better pick than a whiny little homophobe who hasn’t written anything good in 30 years. I bet there were better choices. Lots of them.

The Seven Habits of Highly Effective Mediocre People
James Altucher, over at the Rumpus, shares his advice on being mediocre and occasionally succeeding. Made me laugh.

Walter Cronkite Demonstrates the Home of the Future in 1967
Thanks to The Atlantic for this blast from the past to the future. Damn, that upholstery is ugly.

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