I’m noticing a trend here

Two spam comments from the same person made my morning today. They’re identical, and yet they’re not.

I received this one first:

In your adolescence, did you at all fuck to each with people in a marked livelihood– because, you were genuine bored and were a crumb of a perspicacious ass? Unswerving , we all did.

This one arrived a few minutes later:

In your juvenile, did you a day fuck by a circular with people in a attainable constitution– because, you were genuine bored and were a taste of a bright ass? Unswerving , we all did.

Unswerving and yet armed with a thesaurus. I continue to wonder what spam like this–that comes with no links to accidently click on–is supposed to achieve.

Back later with this week’s links. And to pick a Substitution Cipher winner. I’ll pick someone at noon EST. There’s still time to enter!


your random pic for the day: a cougar track

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