The Obligatory Photo of the Author Reading Her New Book

M. Fenn reading Substitution Cipher

Finished reading Substitution Cipher for the first time this afternoon. I’m pretty pleased. “So The Taino Call It” is in some very good company, and our editor Kaye Chazan did a wonderful job putting this collection together. Very neat to see the worlds that everyone has created. And reading my story in print, as opposed to in manuscript? An amazing feeling. Congrats to everyone involved! And thanks to everyone who helped me become a part of it. It didn’t take a village, but I didn’t do it by myself.

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5 thoughts on “The Obligatory Photo of the Author Reading Her New Book

  1. Hee, your snowman makes me smile. SO FESTIVE!

  2. Hehe… I just saw this post on not-a-smartphone, and noticed the snowman! YAY!

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