Weekend Linkroll

Here we are again. It’s Sunday. I have coffee. Time for this week’s links.

The Believer – Interview with Maurice Sendak
A wonderful interview from last year. What a cool guy.

Homophobia is bad, says the AP. (Don’t get excited — it’s not what you think.)
I’ve always preferred heterosexist to homophobic, myself, but this doesn’t seem good to me. Of course, it’s the AP. We shouldn’t expect anything good.

Why are women scared to call themselves feminists?
This article only covers privileged white folk not wanting to call themselves feminists, but it still brings up some interesting points.

Men Against Assholes & Misogyny
Over on this tumblr, though, there are men proud to call themselves feminist. Kinda neat.

Don’t Mess with a Browncoat
Who’s the fake geek here, eh? Gorram sha gua, indeed.


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4 thoughts on “Weekend Linkroll

  1. I LOVE that Sendak interview!

    And the browncoat story. Heh, most of the Firefly fans I know ARE WOMEN.

    • Yep. Sendak’s another cool old guy I wish had been an uncle of mine.

      I know right? Me, too!

      • I watched it when it originally aired, all out of order and switching nights and everything. I remember being disappointed that it AND John Doe were cancelled cos the latter ended its first season on SUCH A CLIFFHANGER.

        • I came to it later and watched it first on a friend’s borrowed dvd set. That had to a be a heartbreaker to watch it in real time and then have it canceled. Kinda like Dollhouse with me.

          John Doe‘s utterly new to me. Looks like it would have been cool, though.

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