Monday Morning Music

I shouldn’t be surprised anymore when I find out that I’ve missed out on music artists of the past. Like today’s band. I was thinking of posting a Barenaked Ladies video just because I’ve been listening to them a lot in the car the last few days. So, I was looking on Youtube and glancing at the comments on the videos, because I’m a masochist that way.

However, one comment caught my interest in a good way. The commenter complained that BNL were just ripping off The Housemartins.

The who? I wondered.

So, I looked them up and, well yeah, I can certainly see the influence, especially in this song. And how the hell did I miss these guys?

Here are The Housemartins from 1986 with “Happy Hour.” What do you think?

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9 thoughts on “Monday Morning Music

  1. I have to agree, the lead vocalist especially sounds a lot like BNL, and the happy, bouncy style is very much the same as well. I’ve never heard of the Housemartins either, I wonder who influenced them?

  2. Jim

    I actually know this song but nothing else by them. And they sound rather influenced by Squeeze I would say.

  3. Interesting… Definitely a fun bouncy song… 🙂

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