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Happy December! We finally have a little snow on the ground here in Vermont, although it’s going away quickly. Supposed to get into the 40s today for the first time in a while. I have mixed feelings about that. Being warm is nice (it’s been freaking cold up here this past week), but snow is pretty.

Oh well. Let’s take a look at something I actually have control over. This week’s link recommendations!

The Whatever Holiday Shopping Guide Returns Next Monday
That would be tomorrow! Do you have things to sell? Check this out.

“God,” Guns, and Group Defining
Kory Stamper at harm·less drudg·ery ponders harquebuses, corsets, and other things that need defining.

Announcements: New offering and new format!
Visible and Real is offering new ways to further your writing practice. Looks awesome.

The Curious Case of Francis Schlatter: the Denver Messiah
Ellisnelson talks about an interesting figure from Denver’s past.

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