Weekend Linkroll

It’s Sunday (regardless of my brain trying to convince me it was Saturday again), so it must be time to look at what I found interesting on the internet this week. What interested you? Feel free to share in the comments.

Official Report: Bert and Ernie
Not the cute, little, fuzzy Muppets you might think they are…

Body awareness, body acceptance, body love
Learning to love your body is not always a linear path.

Time to Eat
Food and cleaning. What are they doing in your story?

When Gut-Boys Attack
John Scalzi takes down another whiny geek-guy. Wonderful post, and the comments (now closed) just add to the greatness. The takeaway? If you’re in your mid-40s and still whining about all the phonies in your little club (whatever club that is), you need to grow the fuck up.

Dogs Teach Chemistry
Paige and Dexter show a little about chemical bonds. So cute!

22 fictional characters whose names you don’t know
I admit I didn’t know any of these. R, though, he knew the Skipper’s name.

Woman ‘denied a termination’ dies in hospital
Remember Savita Halappanavar. The doctors considered her dying fetus’s heartbeat more important than hers. How is that pro-life?

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  1. Some good stuff here! 🙂

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