Belated Weekend Linkroll

Where did the weekend go this time? Wherever it went, it was in a big damned hurry to get there, and now it’s Monday already.

But I still have a collection of links for you. Hope you enjoy them. I’d love to know if any strike your fancy. And if any of you know how I can get my weekend back, chime in, too.

The Beatles’ Surprising Contribution to Brain Science
Is this why my fingers can remember phone numbers better than my brain can?

Why Math is Like the Honey Badger: Nate Silver Ascendant
Math anxiety can cause actual pain. “Like the infamous honey badger, math don’t care. Math don’t give a s$%.”

“I am not a political person”: On politics, storytelling, and responsibility
The U.S. election was a week ago, but this post on First Wave feminists fighting for the right to vote remains relevant. A call to remember our history and responsibility as well as a plea to learn to work together.

Like a zoo, Fox News isn’t so scary once you realize the animals can’t get out of their cages
But working together doesn’t have to mean believing everything you see on certain tv channels.

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  1. Thanks for the linkback!

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