To the Late Great Moe

So, my kitty who had been sick for several weeks is no longer with us. Well, his body is. It’s buried in the backyard, soon to have a perennial of some sort planted on top of it. But his self has moved on to the next adventure, wherever and if-ever that might be.

Moe was my writing buddy. Writing is going to be very different without him lying on my papers, fiddling with my pen, or keeping my feet warm. My latest story, submitted yesterday, is dedicated to him.

Not only is Moe gone, but he was the last of our dozen cats over the years. For the first time in 25 years, there are no kitties in our house. This will take some getting used to.

Here’s a photo of Dr. Moebius taken a few years ago when he still went outdoors. Yes, he was a hellraiser. Some photos don’t lie.

grey tabby kitty being badass

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6 thoughts on “To the Late Great Moe

  1. paperkingdoms

    Wishing Moe lots of skritches and adventures in the great beyond.

  2. He was an awesome kit kit. Here’s to scratches, adventures, and more hell raising!

  3. tedra

    Oh, I am sorry. 😦 RIP, Moe.

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