Monday Morning Music

Hallowe’en’s getting closer! I hope you’re getting in the mood. In addition to our Monday spooky videos, you’ll have a treat this Friday when  Justin Robinson stops by with a guest post. His book, Mr. Blank, is coming out this month and I’m taking part in the blog tour Candlemark & Gleam is organizing for him. I hope you’ll check in for his thoughts on this delightful holiday.

Now on to this week’s spooky video. Today I’m going with a song by the Mumlers from their 2009 album, Don’t Throw Me Away. It’s a fine record, with “Coffin Factory” my favorite song on it. The video’s a nice bit of Hallowe’en fun, too, manipulated to look like they filmed it in that old Super 8 style I remember from film school. (Yes, basic filmmaking class when I was in school involved Super 8 cameras; time has flown.) I also remember getting into that grey zombie makeup. Good times and a good song. I hope you like it, too.

An added bit of curiosity: when looking for Mumlers websites, I ran across the Wikipedia entry for William H. Mumler, a U.S. “spirit photographer.” I wonder if that’s where the band took its name. Anyone know?

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