Monday Morning Music

Since it is October, I’m going to aim for creepy and spooky as the themes for Monday Morning Music the next few weeks. Starting off today is a video from the band, Delta Rae. I heard this song on NPR last week and really liked it. Elizabeth Hopkins has a super voice.

The video has a nice twist to it, too.

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7 thoughts on “Monday Morning Music

  1. This is wonderful (and yes, creepy!). The dancers with the masks remind me of step dancers we’d see in high school/college. Pretty neat. (I’ve never heard of these guys! Thanks for the introduction!)

    (Also? I like the new About *wink*)

  2. paperkingdoms


  3. If you ever get the chance to see them live, you should do it. This song is best experienced live. (P.S. Brittany Holljes is singing lead on this one.)

    • mfennvt

      Thanks for the heads up, Ashley (and thanks for commenting). I bet they’d be fun live. And I thought it was Hopkins singing. My bad.

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