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Another Sunday! Feels like fall up here in Vermont this morning. We might get a frost tonight, so all our potted tomato and pepper plants need to come in. Feels a little early this year, as I don’t think our first frost came until October in the last two years.

So, that’s the weather report, but what did the week bring on the internet? Let’s see.

Statues of the Virgin Mary transformed into saintly superheroes
Surprisingly, I’m rather fond of the My Little Pony Mary. Usually, that shade of pink makes me run far, far away.

What it’s REALLY like. (A/K/A: More fail.)
Another hilarious post from Writings from the City Line on the joys of parenthood.

Pen + Paper
A cute photo post from Hannah Meiklejohn’s blog on the pros and cons of handwriting. I’m a pen and paper person myself much to my wrist’s current unhappiness.

And that’s it for this week!

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