Weekly Linkroll

And another Sunday has arrived. Let’s see what links grabbed my interest in the past week. Please share your own in the comments. I’d love to learn more about inspires/interests/amuses you. 🙂

A Call to Arms For Decent Men
I disagree with him on the assumption that pseudonymous folks online are not to be trusted ever (um, hi *waves*), but a strong Hell Yes to the rest of his ideas for dealing with the little boys in gaming.

Misandry: A How-To
Speaking of which, the skeptic community has to deal with these jerks, as well.

More Than Half of This Year’s Hugo Awards Went to Women, and You Can Read Their Stuff for Free Online
My list of things to read just keeps growing… and you can download a lot of them for free. Check out the article for the links.

The Complete 2012 Hugo Winner List
No disrespect toward the talented men who won Hugos meant at all. Scalzi just didn’t have links to the free fiction you can download like The Mary Sue did. Here’s the whole list.

Video post #1: On storytelling, space, and practice
My friend Stephanie at Visible and Real goes into a little more depth about what’s at the heart of her writing practice classes. The first session starts this Monday!

The Stories Behind 20 Muppet Favorites
The article’s from 2009, but still an interesting look back at some of my favorite felt creations.

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