Time On My Hands

I have a long weekend ahead of me that I’m looking forward to. Originally it was going to be filled with a workshop facilitated by Natalie Goldberg and Sean Murphy.

That fell through but so it goes. I still have a larger swath of free time ahead then I usually do. Hard to remain disappointed.

What am I going to be doing instead of writing down the bones? Besides all the standard weekend activities, you mean?

Well, tonight, I’m going to be taking part in a Guinea Pig Session that Visible and Real is conducting. Really excited about that: spending time writing and meditating (long distance) with friends. I’ll even get to use the new notebook I bought for the Goldberg/Murphy workshop. And the session’s free! You ought to sign up for one of them and try it out.

I’d also like to read through the blue binder and tell you about what’s hiding in there.

There’ll be more of my standard kind of writing this weekend, as well. I’m slowly converting my latest story from 80-some handwritten pages to what’ll probably be around 40 typed pages when it’s done. This one’s been a different experience in some ways (well, they’re all special, aren’t they?). Unlike with the other stories I’ve written, I haven’t gone back to reread much of this one until the typing began. It’s been more of a continual flow from one scene to the next, but now I’m nearing the end (I think) and the floundering is in full swing.

So, as I type, I’m rediscovering scenes I mostly forgot about, conducting some seriously needed editing, and starting to do research for things I need to learn more about. Like what happens when sea levels rise and damage a nuclear power plant near a major city (answer: not quite sure yet) and whether motorcycles can run on vegetable oil (answer: the diesel ones can!).

I’m also pondering whether one of more of these awfully nice folks that has been talking to me has to die to further the story. One of them does, I think, and that saddens me.

But I’ve come up with a simile that made me and a few of my friends laugh (so maybe a few of my readers will laugh, too, or at least, smile a bit), so it’s not all doom and destruction and wanton killing.

It’s doom and destruction, wanton killing, and fart jokes.

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2 thoughts on “Time On My Hands

  1. Thanks for joining me last night! It was great to have you on the line! 🙂

    Enjoy your long weekend!

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