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Another Sunday has arrived. Must be time to share my favorite links of the past week with all of you.

All you sweet and delicate flowers
Gena Radcliffe’s take on Caitlin Moran’s How to Be a Woman (which I now need to read) and feminism. Awesome.

The Hefty Hideaway
I’m a huge fan of Divine. I really want this.

To Fly
From Steve McCurry’s blog: some gorgeous photos of people reading, plus quotations.

Of God and pee and Jesus and lambs
Another giggleworthy post from Writings from the City Line

Welcome to Golden Spiral Bookkeeping
A friend of mine has a new blog. It’s just getting started, but check it out if you’re interested in “taming the financial wilderness.”

The Drive for Detail
I have to admit that I’ve spent a lot of time figuring out driving routes and Chicago’s neighborhoods in the story I’m working on now. Will any of that make it into the final draft? Time will tell.

Science Chicks from History
A blog dedicated to historic women scientists. Marie Curie isn’t the only one on the list.

Help Raise Money for Tesla Museum!
The Oatmeal’s organizing a fundraiser to buy the site of Nikola Tesla’s lab, Wardenclyffe, in Shoreham, NY, and turn it into a Tesla Museum, the only one in the U.S.

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