Writing Necessities

John Scalzi posted yesterday about what he needs to be able to write. Seemed like a fun meme to support, so here are the things I need.

Cat—vital. If Moe isn’t sitting on my papers as I write, I feel incomplete. Given that Dr. Moe-bius is 17 years old now, and there are no other cats in the household, this incompleteness without a cat could be a problem in the future.

Pen and paper—equally vital. I can write without a computer, and usually do, but the words have to go somewhere and get there somehow.

Music—not quite as vital, in that I don’t always listen to anything as I write. But it’s always an inspiration. In fact, just thinking about Calibro 35‘s last collection of tunes from 2011 has been a big help in finding a mood for my latest short story (the floundery-dolphiny one).

What’s on your list?

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4 thoughts on “Writing Necessities

  1. This is awesome! I definitely need pen or paper (best writing is done that way, for me!), some sort of beverage (even if I don’t drink it; it’s usully tea!), and oftentimes, music, which provides prompts and inspiration.

    (This is a great thought-making post!)

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